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  • Claim a unique positioning not owned by competitors

  • Launch every innovation to build brand momentum

  • Make technologies easier to find, research and buy

  • Increase agility by outsourcing EU and UK marketing


Technology marketing to EU and UK businesses

Whypoint is a marketing strategy consultancy with bases in Luxembourg and London and technology clients in various countries. We do business-to-business and consumer marketing across Europe in multiple languages. The consultancy’s strategies are effective because they’re based on market research, which is done mostly in-house. Implementing your marketing is efficient because we set the creative direction based on the strategy and provide templates with guidelines that any supplier can follow to build brand consistency – whether you insource or outsource marketing management. Outsourcing to Whypoint means greater agility because ‘renting’ director level marketing expertise from Whypoint is more flexible than employing a full-time marketing director. Whypoint’s marketing strategies open doors at established financial, commercial and retail businesses in the EU and UK for innovative tech companies from around the world.


Best technology case studies


  • Ben Jordan – CNS Managing Director

    Good strategy work and insight. Always able to give a new, proactive perspective of the marketing brief. Launched patented technologies into European payments industry, filling our order book and winning some awards on the way.


Experienced team for complete marketing support across the EU and UK


Essential package deals for more effective marketing

  • Branding

    Position for growth
    • Brand Review (FREE with Branding Packages)
    • Brand Positioning strategy with infographics
    • Logo with graphic style templates for web page, PowerPoint and Word
    • Advertising templates for 1x brand and 2x audiences
    • Business card and letterhead
    • Identity and style guide
    • Duration: 3 months
    • FREE review after 12 months
  • Launching

    Go to market faster
    • Product Launch strategy with programme
    • Launch event programme and invitations
    • 2-minute animated video and 20-slide presentation
    • Design visual and write content for landing page on existing website
    • 3x Linkedin profiles, news post
    • Email and follow-up call script
    • Duration: 5 months
    • Free review after 12 months
  • Selling

    Sell more easily
    • Collateral assessment (FREE with Selling Packages)
    • Sales Collateral strategy for 2x audience groups
    • Wireframe for 5x web pages with navigation for 2x audience journeys
    • Develop visuals and content for 5x website pages
    • 1x case study, 1x data sheet
    • 1x white paper
    • Duration: 3 months
    • Free: Review after 12 months


Research, strategy and creative products


Stay updated on FinTech news and opportunities in the EU and UK

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